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What's Up Willis?

Meet your two new best friends ...


A Dynamic Duo, performing well crafted, intelligent, original music & clever, sometimes playful, sometimes intimately raw adapted tunes which invite you into a warm inclusive environment. You'll feel like you've just found your two new best friends. HALL & SÖL have been performing everywhere from intimate venues & private parties & house concerts to concert halls & larger stages at festivals & the state fair along with corporate & charitable events. The pair are happy to tailor their performance to suit your needs including performing as a duo, trio or full band. Contact us for more information: 651-336-8186 


Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter; A well versed and diverse musician plays with groove and energy. Hall's unique guitar style is the foundation of this duo. Tasty guitar work at it’s BEST, warm silky vocals & a whole lot of charm. 


Vocalist/Songwriter/Musician; She just has something special! Her stage presence is committed & full of connection. Soulful, bluesy and heartfelt vocals executed with a natural feel, thoughtful phrasing & a rhythmic approach. 


Nick Hall  &  Kristen Freyja Sölberg


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