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Kristen Freyja Solberg Coaching     ∞    Supporting You in Creating the Life You Deserve

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Let Your Gifts Light The Way

Because expressing your gifts & passions

can heal your life!

I know why you're here.

You have given & given so much to everyone around you. You've gotten to the point where you are trying to give from an empty cup & you simply haven't had the support that you have needed to do all you do!

~ So much so ~ 

that you feel far away from the spark within that used to light you up. You're not feeling like your best self & parts of your life are starting to suffer because of it. 

You're tired & running on empty 

& you secretly want to stand up & scream,


Maybe you have been creating & raising little ones & after everyone else is taken care of, there's nothing left for you. Maybe you've invested your time & energy into a job or a relationship that just doesn't light you up & in fact at this point it is sucking the life out of you. Maybe you just never learned how worthy you are of taking time to discover your special gifts or you know what they are but something is holding you back from releasing everything you have to offer & really shining in your own life.


Whatever it is, something has led you to this point where you know you cannot dismiss yourself any longer.

Not living up to your potential can be painful

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When you find yourself at this point, you may feel disconnected from the experiences, strengths & special gifts that make you YOU.

When we feel disconnected from ourselves,

it is very hard to truly feel connected to others.

The ones we love the most don't get the best of us because we simply don't have it to give. We can't be the inspirational example that our children so need. Relationships suffer & sometimes they even fall apart.

Our physical health can begin to deteriorate.

Days can seem dull. Depression can set in.

Anxiety can develop because we know

each day we are losing another little part of ourselves. 


And all the while there is a

spark inside that is desperate to be nurtured & desires to light up & shine in the world.


It is evidence that there is something waiting to be discovered & expressed through you. You have a gift & a purpose in this world & it's time for you to unearth it & live the life you deserve.

My light was always there but for many different reasons, I dimmed my light. Childhood hurts & even wounds from early adulthood were keeping me stuck. There was a part of me that didn't feel safe to let myself be seen & that kept me from feeling free to explore my true loves; music, design, singing, writing, performing.


I kept those deep desires hidden until I was in my early 20's!! The discomfort of not putting myself out there became greater than the risk of letting myself be seen for who I was. So I did it! I went on auditions that made me painfully anxious but I did become a vocalist, musician & writer & the joy & freedom that came with finally being myself was one of the best feelings I had ever experienced. 


When I became a parent, an old pattern from childhood showed up; the pattern of being "over responsible." As I faithfully & dutifully dedicated myself to being the best mother & wife I could, little by little, my light began to dim. I found myself not being the mother I had envisioned – I was a very good mother but my whole self wasn't present. I didn't pick up my guitar anymore. The dreams I had of continuing my creative endeavors never materialized. My physical health began to deteriorate & eventually, my marriage fell apart.

The trifecta!!

"I found myself in a familiar place

where the falling apart of everything

created a necessary place

for me to begin to rediscover

my light, my gifts ..."

"For most of my life

I dreamt of how it would feel

to step fully into my true potential"

Mable Tainter 197486_1021309143159_4707_

Sparks of Joy!"

"... & once again I realized that the only thing that could save me was unearthing my gifts & passions & beginning to nurture those little

You may have tried self help books

or online courses & even traditional therapy.


But with books & courses, the thing that is really missing

is the personal support

that so many of us deprive ourselves of, needlessly!


Traditional therapy doesn't focus

on using our passions to heal!

The truth is

We all need & deserve support!

And I believe in my heart

that healing is possible

through breaking down the blocks

that keep us small, busting out

& letting our lights shine!!

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I am so passionate about

my mission because ... 

... I absolutely believe

each of us is given gifts from

God, the Universe, the Divine or

your Higher Power & that

it is our duty to express them. 

... not doing so causes trauma.


... when we shine, we give others permission to shine too & that as each individual rises up to meet their potential, we begin to heal the world.


... & I want to contribute to that healing!

That's why I created

Let Your Gifts

Light The Way

One-On-One Coaching Program

So you don't have to navigate finding your way

back to yourself alone.

So you can receive the support that most of us

didn't grow up receiving.

So you have an accountability partner who will inspire you to keep taking those baby or big steps towards your vision.

So if you're dreaming of something BIG

you will be supported & encouraged to get there!

So that if you are going through a major life transition,

you can have a soft place to fall along with someone to hold your vision for you when you may not be able to see it yourself.

I have been where you are & I know how it feels ...

... to not understand

WHAT is holding you back!

... to deny yourself permission to express your gifts because you haven't even realized that those things that light you up are actually your purpose!


... to feel isolated & to not even know

what step to take first.

... to not have the guidance necessary to create momentum & bring your dreams to life

It is my JOY to help

women like you because ... 

... I have experienced & witnessed in others,  the pain, depression & anxiety caused when women do not live up to their potential. 

... I love the miracles that happen when women support one another.

That alone can heal the world!

... I would love to spare you the wasted time & energy that gets spent on the confusion, the procrastination & the spinning wheels that I went through, trying to do it all alone.

We can work together to find what sparks joy for you,

unearth your creativity & gifts that light you up

& begin creating a life that you will be excited about living!




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What if you could begin doing the things you secretly dream of doing; whether that is taking a dance class, writing your autobiography, starting a business or anything that finishes the sentence,

"Wouldn't it be cool if..."

Imagine if you could turn down the voices that say, there isn't enough time, I have to take care of everyone else first, it's too late & other

lame excuses & begin to feel that YOU matter too!!

What if you began to realize that when you nurture your own hopes & dreams & passions that you have so much more to give

to your children, family & friends. 

How would it feel to have the people who matter most to you see you glowing & thriving in your element!



We can work together to find what sparks joy for you,

unearth your creativity & gifts that light you up

& begin creating a life that you will be excited about living!

Because life is about more than SURVIVAL!

Painting with Watercolor

Time - Freedom



If this is feeling like YOU, 

I would love to work with you.

Click the button below to schedule your complimentary call with me

On our call, we'll discuss your needs, wants & priorities

We will see if we are a good fit to work together.

We will discuss the investment.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Because my program is customized just for you,

I only work with a couple clients at a time.

So if you really are feeling called,

I encourage you to apply now

before all my spots are booked.

Nick Hall  &  Kristen Freyja Sölberg


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